Personal Injuries * case law update: Birth Injury

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Personal Injuries * case law update: Birth Injury

Medical Negligence Personal Injuries * case law update: Birth Injury

A Boy who suffered brain damage as a result of a birth injury in a Tipperary Hospital has settled his High Court claim. The case was settled without an admission of liability from the hospital or HSE.

The plaintiffs claimed that after the boys mother was admitted in early labour, significant abnormalities were recognisable in the boys heart rate and these should have warranted immediate obstetric review given the high risk of foetal hypoxia in such circumstances. It was claimed he suffered significant birth injury as a result including irreversible brain damage. The boy has cerebral palsy and will require care for the remainder of his life.

An interim payment of 1.7 million is to be paid for the next two years. The case will be reviewed in two years time before the court again when the boys future care needs can be assessed.

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*First published June 4, 2013

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