Hiring Medical Negligence Solicitors in Ireland? A Guide to Hiring The Best Solicitor For Medical Negligence  

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Hiring Medical Negligence Solicitors in Ireland? A Guide to Hiring The Best Solicitor For Medical Negligence  

Medical negligence solicitors in Ireland have one of the most complex areas of law to navigate. 

Medical negligence is notorious for its complexity and this is one of the many reasons why you should always seek to have the best solicitor for medical negligence fighting your corner. 

In this blog post, I will look at medical negligence claims in Ireland and what type of qualities you should seek when seeking a medical negligence solicitor.

So what skills will the best solicitor for medical negligence have?

The best solicitors for medical negligence in Ireland will specialise in the area

If you think you have a legitimate medical negligence claim, seek to hire a medical negligence solicitor who specialises in that area of law. 

The best solicitor for medical negligence will come equipped with a vast reservoir of experience within medical negligence, and they will use this experience to secure clients the compensation and redress that they deserve. 

These types of solicitors will also realise how stressful and challenging a medical negligence claim can be and will do everything to ensure that clients have peace of mind when it comes to their claim.

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Specialists in medical negligence will know the potential pitfalls where claimants can slip up and which could result in claimants receiving less than adequate compensation.

Now, let's look at how medical negligence claims are dealt with in Ireland. 

Medical negligence claims Ireland

A seminal case for medical negligence claims in Ireland is Dunne v The National Maternity Hospital (1989). Here,  it was found that the courts cannot find a medical practitioner liable unless a course of action was taken that no reasonable practitioner of equal status would have taken in similar circumstances.  

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How do medical negligence solicitors in Ireland determine that a valid case has arisen?

There are many areas that medical negligence solicitors will take into consideration. First, a medical negligence solicitor will consider the facts of the case.

Some areas the courts will look at include:

*Did a medical practitioner commit an error during surgery?

* Did a medical practitioner fail to diagnose an injury? 

*Was the standard of care below what could be expected? 

*Did the actions of a medical practitioner cause injuries that have resulted in a reduced quality of life or even death?

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So what are the key areas of law medical negligence solicitors in Dublin will look at?

In Ireland, in order to be eligible for a medical negligence claim, there are several key legal areas that will need to be met.

* Was there a doctor client relationship?

* Can you prove that the treatment you received from the medical practitioner was negligent?

The best personal injury solicitors Dublin will attempt to build your case around some of the key areas above. They will attempt to illustrate that there was a doctor/client relationship built up.

What type of evidence will a Dublin medical negligence solicitor need to help prove my case?

Medical records. 

Medical records are going to be a decisive factor in proving that you have suffered because of medical negligence.

For example, your solicitor may use invoices, prescriptions, receipts or any other written documents to help prove your case. 

Obviously, the examples above are just a quick overview. If you have any concerns in relation to medical injuries you may have sustained, please contact one of the leading medical negligence solicitors in Ireland.

How will medical negligence solicitors in Ireland proceed with my case once they have all the evidence they need?

Once this information is received, medical negligence solicitors in Ireland may have all of your medical records analysed by a third party medical professional. This will allow them to discover whether the care or treatment received by the claimant has been substandard and does not meet the requirements that are needed in law. 

Once the independent medical professional has decided that medical negligence has occurred, a solicitor will draft a Letter of Claim which will then be sent to the Doctor or medical professional that has treated you.

Will it take long to settle a medical negligence claim?

The key factor in deciding the duration of a case will be whether the state, Doctors, or insurance company opt to dispute the facts of the case. If the opposing parties are disputing liability, the time before your case is settled can greatly vary. But in Ireland, usually it takes around 2- 4 years before a medical negligence claim is settled. 

Are medical negligence claims as complicated as they sound?


Out of all the areas in negligence, medical negligence law is one of the most complicated. Claimants are strongly advised to hire a medical negligence solicitor who is experienced in this area of law.

A medical negligence claim will present many obstacles and pitfalls and if you don’t have an experienced medical negligence solicitor in your corner, the chances of something going awry are greatly increased. 

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So how do I choose the best medical negligence solicitors in Ireland?

Like I’ve already alluded to, they will specialize in this area of law. 

Also, the best solicitor for medical negligence will fully appreciate the damage that victims can suffer because of medical malpractice. 

They will understand that medical negligence cases are extremely sensitive. The overriding desire of your solicitor should be to secure you adequate compensation and to hold the people who are responsible for your injuries to account. 

The fact is, in medical negligence claims the state or powerful financial institution will have some of the best legal representatives money can buy. The onus is on you to take on these powerful institutions with the best solicitor for medical negligence that you can get. 

Claimants shouldn’t leave anything to chance and the best way to mitigate any risk or ease any further distress is by hiring the best medical negligence solicitors in Ireland.  

A medical negligence solicitor near me?

Personal Injuries Claims is a specialist medical negligence law firm who has acted in medical negligence proceedings throughout Ireland. We have acted for clients in medical negligence claims in Dublin, Kildare, Meath, Cork, and throughout the rest of Ireland. 

Once you book a consultation with us, we will devise a custom-made strategy to ensure that any medical negligence claims are completed in as seamless a fashion as possible. Please contact us on (01) 234 0044 or email us at info@personalinjuriesclaim.ie for more information. 

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