Claims for medical negligence? Hospital negligence solicitors?

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Claims for medical negligence? Hospital negligence solicitors?

Most people have nothing but positive experiences of doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals, but there are occasions when patients are not given the level of care they would expect.

The consequences can be serious and, in those circumstances, you may be entitled to compensation and in these situations it absolutely vital that you have a hospital negligence solicitor fighting for you every step of the way.

Claims for medical negligence? Hospital negligence solicitors?

What is an example of medical negligence?

If the medical staff treating you did not fulfil their duty of care towards you and their mishandling of the situation resulted in physical or mental injury, you may have been the victim of clinical negligence. The term covers a wide variety of negative outcomes, ranging from painful but relatively minor short-term conditions to life-changing injuries.

There is a degree of risk associated with any form of treatment and this can be quite high for some types of surgery. It is the responsibility of the medical professionals to explain what the possible consequences are and obtain informed consent from the patient.

Should the surgeon, doctor or nurse involved have failed to do this or if they did not perform the treatment properly, they could be found to be negligent. This may result in their employer having to pay compensation.

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How can i claim compensation for clinical negligence in Ireland?

If you believe your injuries, or those suffered by a relative, were the result of clinical negligence, you could make a claim against the hospital, cosmetic surgery clinic, doctor, surgeon, therapist or dentist involved. However, this is one of the most complicated areas of personal injury law and individuals need the help of a hospital negligence solicitor who specialises in the sector if they are to have any chance of successfully pursuing a claim.

Hospital negligence solicitors

An expert medical negligence solicitor will help you to establish whether the injuries or illness were the result of an unavoidable situation or caused by negligence, such as an error in diagnosis, drugs being incorrectly administered or a mistake during surgery. They will then advise on the best course of action to gain the compensation to which you are entitled, and whether the sum should include money for loss of earnings and ongoing medical care.

The best medical negligence solicitors in Ireland can help you achieve a successful outcome

Making a clinical negligence compensation claim can be complicated, time consuming and expensive, particularly if the injuries are serious and the sum involved is large.

Worrying about whether you can afford to pursue the claim would only add to the stress involved, but use a no win no fee solicitor and you will not have to consider how to fund your legal expenses.

The service you receive will be every bit as professional and you can be assured the solicitor will give you the right advice at every stage of the process.

The stages of a medical negligence claim

The prospect of having to visit a hospital, whether it be as a patient or as a visitor, is not an experience that any of us truly relish. It can be an extremely traumatic experience, even when everything goes to plan. And while the fact remains that the vast majority of work done in hospitals by doctors, nurses and other staff is all executed with the utmost professionalism and skill, there remain cases of hospital negligence causing serious injury. Every year there are thousands of negligence cases in Ireland that have led to both physical and psychological harm being done to patients.

Any type of injury (physical or psychological) incurred in a hospital as a result of medical negligence could entitle you to compensation. But hospital negligence claims are quite complicated, and depend a lot on timing, and figuring out exactly who was at fault when something has happened.

All medical staff undergo rigorous education and training in order to get their positions and authority in care matters. And there is a comprehensive and strict legal framework in place to ensure that all codes of conduct are adhered to.

More medical negligence examples

Below are some of the possible circumstances under which many have grounds for a claim:

*A failure to properly and correctly diagnose a condition
*A failure to obtain proper consent where necessary
*Instances where undue negligence causes medical treatments to go wrong and inflict harm

Have hospital negligence solicitors fighting your corner

Such experiences not only cause significant trauma to individuals and family in the short term, but can also lead to serious long-term consequences such as chronic pain and discomfort, and even temporary or permanent disability. Given the legal complexities surrounding claims such as these, you will need the best help available when filing your complaint and claiming your compensation --- that's why you should choose us.

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Making a hospital negligence compensation claim in Ireland

Our helpful and friendly service is operated on a no win no fee basis, so when you start working with us, you'll never have to worry about escalating legal costs.

With hospital negligence claims, timing is absolutely critical, since there is a legal time limit in which one can put in a claim for medical or clinical negligence. Waiting too long can cause unnecessary delays in your claim, or even its total rejection. Contact our hospital negligence solicitors team today and tell us about your circumstances, and we'll get to work getting you the compensation you are entitled to.

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