Whiplash Injury Claims? The Best Whiplash Claim Solicitors?

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Whiplash Injury Claims? The Best Whiplash Claim Solicitors?

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Every year in Ireland around 28,000 people suffer from whiplash injuries whether as a passenger or driver.

With research from Thatcham, The Motor Insurance Repair Centre, suggesting that around 10% of people suffering a whiplash injury will have a permanent disability as a result, the seriousness of whiplash shouldn’t be underestimated.

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Whiplash is actually a non medical term which is used to describe general neck pain.

Whiplash is caused by an injury to the soft tissues of the neck such as the ligaments, tendons and/or muscles. As in all similar soft tissues injuries, it is usually caused by the neck being extended beyond its normal range. As a result of this, the ligaments, tendons and muscles are pulled and strained.

Typical symptoms of whiplash are pain and stiffness in the neck. The pain and stiffness can be greatly heightened by even small movements of the neck. In certain cases, the pain and stiffness can radiate into the chest, shoulders and arms.

It is also a common experience to have headaches and dizziness as a result of the injury.

It is extremely important after you experience a whiplash type injury to have it examined by a medical practitioner. In certain cases, an injury which appears to be whiplash can be a more severe injury.

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Sometimes people are surprised that they have sustained a whiplash injury when travelling at what are considered low speeds. It is therefore important not to dismiss the possibility of injury in car crashes where very little damage has been caused to the vehicle.

It is important after such injuries that the patient follows the instructions of their medical advisers. This may include ice or heat packs, physiotherapy and exercise.

In certain cases the person may be referred on to a consultant/specialist for further investigation.

Most whiplash injuries usually resolve themselves provided appropriate treatment is obtained and the directed rehabilitation is followed.

Whiplash Injury claims are complicated.

Who are the best whiplash claims solicitors?

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Whiplash Injury Claims?Whiplash Claim Solicitors?

Why do road traffic accidents cause whiplash injuries so often?

Whiplash is the most common consequence of a road traffic accident because it happens as a result of one vehicle going into the back of another.

The force of such an impact will cause the driver and passengers’ heads to suddenly and violently lunge forwards and then backwards, putting immense strain on the neck muscles, and causing the ligaments to stretch.

20% of people involved in this type of road traffic accident will be affected by a whiplash neck injury.

What are the symptoms of whiplash injuries?

You don’t need to be involved in a high speed collision to suffer from whiplash - even the lightest of bumps can result in whiplash symptoms. These symptoms can often take 6-12 hours to develop, as inflammation and bruising of the neck is not immediately obvious. Symptoms may get worse over the following days and can include some or all of the following:

*Pain or stiffness in the neck, shoulder, and arms
*Trouble turning or bending the neck
* Dizziness, headaches, blurred vision, tiredness, and vertigo
*Lower back pain
* Muscle spasms

Are there any ways to prevent whiplash?

The only way to guarantee not getting a whiplash injury is to ensure you aren’t involved in an accident - since this is often down to the driver behind you this is easier said than done.

However, research from Thatcham does indicate that using head restraints properly could reduce the number of whiplash injuries.

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Can I make a whiplash injury claim in Ireland?

You may be able to make a claim for whiplash injury compensation if you have been involved in a road traffic accident whether as a driver or passenger. You will need a car accident solicitor to handle your case.

Whiplash injuries can result in medical bills and other consequential costs - such as needing to rely on taxi journeys - that can soon add up. Whiplash compensation can help you cope with the financial pressure that results from your injuries.

What is the average payout for whiplash in Ireland?

In Ireland, depending on the severity of your whiplash injuries, you could recieve;

*Up to €14,400 – Minor whiplash neck injury – good recovery within 12 months
*€11,500 to €17,400 – Moderate whiplash neck injury – substantially recovered within 24 months
*€15,900 to €64,500 – Significant ongoing whiplash injury
* €59,400 to €78,400 – Severe neck whiplash injury (serious and permanent condition)

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