Industrial Deafness Claims Ireland - Hearing loss and deafness claim solicitors? 

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Industrial Deafness Claims Ireland - Hearing loss and deafness claim solicitors? 

Industrial deafness claims in Ireland are pretty common.

If you are suffering from loss of hearing (Industrial Deafness or Noise Induced Hearing Loss) as a result of your employment, then you may have a case for compensation. Employers have a duty to protect you from noise in the workplace, and if they neglect this duty in any way, they can be prosecuted. 

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Hearing loss and deafness claims- What is Industrial Deafness?

The ears are susceptible to damage if you are exposed to consistently high noise levels, and this damage can lead to different hearing problems and varying degrees of deafness. This is a common issue in industrial environments with loud machinery, building sites with drills and other loud tools, military environments, farming, and night clubs where staff are exposed to loud music for long periods of time.

 Noise induced hearing loss solicitors

The problem of industrial deafness has been known for a very long time. The Government introduced a new law which for the first time held employers responsible for protecting employees against the dangers of loud noise exposure. 

Since then new there have been new Health and Safety Acts and Regulations that define suitable protection from hearing and how noise should be regulated. The Noise at Work Act states the employer’s duty to reduce noise levels as much as possible, and to prevent the dangers of noise exposure.  Today our industrial workplaces are much safer and quieter than they used to be, and thankfully industrial deafness is now rare.

Regulations outline the measures employers must take at two defined loudness levels – the 1st and 2nd action levels. The first action level begins at 85 decibels and the second at 90 decibels, with each level outlining assessments, information protocols, ear protection and safety zones that employers must adhere to. At 85 decibels you need to shout to be heard by someone standing two metres away, and at 90 decibels you need to shout to be heard by someone standing one metre away.

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Symptoms of Industrial Deafness

There are many symptoms of industrial deafness, which will depend on the decibel level and the length of exposure. Short term symptoms include muffled hearing and temporary deafness lasting for a few hours. Longer term exposure can cause tinnitus, which is a continuous ringing in the ears. Over long periods of exposure, the ears may become permanently damaged. This could cause deafness for high frequencies only, or over all audible frequencies. Exposure to extremely high decibel levels can also cause acoustic ear trauma such as a perforated ear drum, which can also lead to permanent deafness.

Hearing loss compensation?

Occupational deafness can happen to anyone at any age, not just the elderly. If you have suffered from occupational deafness due to the negligence of your employer, you have a legal right to claim compensation.


Making an Industrial Deafness Claim

There are a number of possible routes to take and actions to follow for an occupational deafness claim. All claims must provide proof of employer negligence, and proof that the damages you have suffered could have been prevented. This means you must provide evidence of your working conditions, and your hearing loss with a medical exam. 

Occupational deafness compensation claims?

A specialist can determine by audiogram the exact nature and extent of your problem, and also tell if any evident problems indicate industrial noise exposure. If the results show industrial deafness, this is known as the ‘time of knowledge’ and from that point you will have 3 years to make an industrial exposure claim.


As a victim of Occupational Deafness you may be able to claim for Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefits, or make an insurance claim with a personal injury solicitor. The second option offers higher pay-outs, and lets you claim for related damages including loss of earnings and medical expenses.


With Personalinjuriesclaim it is easy to locate an independent firm in your local area to handle a full compensation claim. All our deafness claim solicitors experience they have with Industrial Deafness, and for the levels of service they provide. 

Solicitors with larger firms are often notorious for not staying in frequent contact, but we ensure that your injurysolicitor will give you high levels of contact so you are kept informed and have the advice and support your need every step of the way. We only provide ‘no win, no fee’ solicitors, who grant you 100% of your compensation with no hidden fees.

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All you need to do is to contact us and we will put you in touch with the perfect deafness claim solicitor. 

Read through the review and ratings, and if you like what you see you can then get in contact for a free, no obligation consultation. 

This will allow you to understand your claim, what you can claim for, and your chances of success. Make sure you have your personal details and any relevant evidence for your claim to hand.  

Upon the expertise and advice of the solicitor, you can proceed and begin the claims process. Once your claim has concluded, you can leave feedback on the website to let other people know of your experience.

Contact Hearing loss and deafness claim solicitors? 

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