Brain Injury Claims? Brain Injury Compensation Claims?

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Brain Injury Claims? Brain Injury Compensation Claims?

Brain Injury claims can be a very complicated affair. It almost goes without saying that brain injuries are very, very serious.

The impact that a brain injury can have upon your health is far reaching, and if you’ve sustained a head injury then you have our utmost sympathy.

The first step in any brain injury claims should be your recovery.



So how can you secure the best brain injury compensation claims?

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Brain Injury Claims?  Brain Injury Compensation Claims?

Brain Injuries from Road Traffic Accidents

Often head injuries or brain injuries are sustained as a result of an impact to the head commonly during a road traffic accident, the implications for this sort of impact are very serious indeed.

Quite often, a heavy impact to the head can cause the brain to move and this can cause bruising and bleeding in affected area. This bleeding and bruising can cause real damage, and the result of that damage can be catastrophic. The damage that your brain can sustain in this way can result in memory loss or a loss of motor functions.

So, quite clearly, head injuries are not good news. If the injury was the fault of someone else (an individual or an organisation), then it can be even more difficult for you to take. In these instances it can often be highly appropriate for you to seek compensation to ensure that you are justly recompensed for the head injury that you have sustained.

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Make a compensation claim for your brain injuries in Ireland

At Personal Injuries Claim we have a specialist brain injury claims team and we can guarantee to deal with your claim in the most sensitive and stress-free way possible. We understand the stresses and strains that can be caused by this sort of injury and consequently we know that you may well need extra care, support and guidance during your recuperation – something of course that you may well need to be remunerated for.

When it comes to brain injury claims, personalinjuriesclaims can truly help you get what you deserve – we strive to ensure that you receive the maximum amount of compensation that is due to you.

We understand that there can be all sorts of legal and bureaucratic information that does not interest you, and we’ll seek to provide you with a simple and fair service designed to assist you in getting what you need and deserve.

In Ireland, depending on the severity of your head injuries, you could be awarded;

  • €23,300 (minor skull fracture - to €129,000 – (severe skull fracture)

Nasal injuries

  • €14,900 to €19,600 – fracture substantially recovered

Cheek injuries

  • €16,500 to €25,400 - fracture substantially recovered

Jaw injuries

  • Up to €35,100

If you feel that you may well qualify for some head injury compensation then contact out personal injury solicitors to get the ball rolling. If you require immediate assistance you can use our free phone service – simply call 01-234-0044 to speak to a member of our team.

Personal injury solicitors Dublin: Your Ultimate Legal Partner.

In contentious business, a solicitor may not calculate fees or other charges as a percentage or proportion of any award or settlement. This statement is made in compliance with Reg.8 of SI 518 of 2002.


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We will discuss your claim and provide you with advice and an initial opinion regarding your injury, from personal injuries assessment board to issuing proceedings in a case.

We pride ourselves in knowing that our clients are always fully informed and advised of all aspects of their case from the beginning when they first speak to us regarding an injury such as accident at work, special damages, traumatic experience that goes for long term consequences etc.

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